Rybkina A. L., Rieznik M. A.

Oles Honchar Dnipropetrovsk National University, Ukraine



During the time of economic reforms there was a noticeable inflow of labor force into the financial and credit sphere, where commercial banks take a major place. Currently, such a direction of bank management as personnel management is very urgent, which is confirmed by both the foreign and domestic experience. The study of the management practice in this sector of the economy shows that the majority of domestic banks focused on such directions as financial management and security assurance. Personnel as an object of management have not received proper attention so far. The reasons behind this are determined by factors of quite objective nature. Unlike their foreign counterparts, the heads of the Ukrainian commercial banks don't give sufficient value to personnel management as a meaningful element of the science of system management of bank activities. In the bank work the attention to a person is getting more value than the equity of the bank which has monetary evaluation in balance.

The issues related to personnel management enhancement are studied by many foreign and domestic scientists. In particular, Robert Kaplan and David Norton claim that in strategic management the basic resource potential, human resources in particular, is the application of the balanced scorecard system which helps to determine each component of resource potential. The tendencies of human resource planning, control and assessment of the staff are described in works by A. G. Alaverdov.

The aim of this research is to develop theoretical and methodical bases of the use of modern approaches for the efficiency evaluation of bank staff management and to show the special features of their application in practical activities for the purpose of effective management of bank staff.

One specific feature of bank institutions is significance of human resources for their successful functioning. Banks, as a rule, represent large organizations with a big number of employees working there. Besides, financial and information resources provide only temporary competitive advantage. The history of development of banking can give many examples of the ruin of banks that owned considerable financial resources, as well as a lot of examples of a rapid take-off of small-scale banks. People, employees of a bank, were the determining factor of their take-off and collapse. Therefore, we can say that if the bank has effectively operating personnel, it will be able to raise financial resources and receive necessary information, and such a bank will prosper.

When the system of personnel management is introduced in a particular bank, it is necessary to take into account the specific character of banking activity in a certain degree. It makes sense to perform the analysis of such specifics in two directions at the same time – both particular features of the work in the banking sector and requirements to the organization of management in it which arise from the specifics of work.

The work in a bank in the conditions of development of the market relations has considerably complicated, it requires independent thought, initiative, creativity, market thinking. The main features of work in the sphere of the credit and financial relations are the following [1,136]: the narrow subject specialization connected with the wide variety of banking services diversified in their character; high qualification requirements for the absolute majority of the directions of labor activity; the process of a labor activity is predominantly of individual character; special requirements to the resource and information provision of a job; the results are directly connected with efficiency of information receipt; stressful type of work of a considerable part of both the managing and executive personnel which results from the specifics of the majority of banking activities.

Besides, the organization of bank personnel management is influenced by more strict requirements to business and personal qualities of employees [2,53]: it’s connected with the individual nature of work; the need to keep bank secrecy and other information; the need to take into account specific features of a transition period.

Thus, first of all, effective functioning of a system is hindered by a current state of the labor market, as for both its resource saturation and undeveloped infrastructure. For objective reasons the offer of manpower in many necessary specialties, nonconventional for state planned economy is very low in this market today. On the other hand, the structures which provide a wide variety of additional services to the participants of this market – specialized consulting firms, the centers of professional selection and retraining, service centers of target employment, etc – are only on the rise.


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